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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 wierd fps/connection lag?

So i've had CoD:BO2 for about 2 month now.

But the last 2-3 days its been lagging like crazy. players teleporting, my aim is somewhat ''cracking up''. like it only takes a frame every secound...

It infuriates me, since i cant play the game like im used to because of the lag...

Someone please help


btw. I'm playing on a PC.



(Sorry for my bad english, I'm in rage mode atm XD)

  • Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 wierd fps/connection lag?

    Donno if this relates but i had a similar fps drop today.

    I always have 60fps, did not change my graphical settings.

    When i started a game i felt like the game was lagging so i thought it was the server.

    After changing a server or 2 i noticed my fps was dropping to 20 ?! + not getting higher then 30!

    I played again later on the day and everything was fine..

    There were no programs running on the background, in fact i had more programs running later in the day when the fps were fine..


    I also have this in zombie mode, sometimes my framerate is horrible..