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  • 80. Re: Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

    don't be a tool, there is a difference between not wanting pathetic douche bags in your game and wanting a quality action experience.  shitty litte kids jumping around the map demonstrating how broken the game is shows nothing of worth to this game or community.  i can assume then that you enjoy bunny hopping like a tool while the rest shake our heads in disgust.


    snipers is a whole different story, the maps make it hard to be a normal sniper, thats 3arcs fault.  hence they made QS easier as they realised snipers would get smashed.

  • 81. Re: Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

    Pogo-Stick perk in the next COD perhaps? lol 

  • 82. Re: Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

    People have been jumping around since atleast COD3.  I am not the tool here.  The people complaining about stupid stuff like this are the tools.  You cannot have things your way so you complain about it being cheap, overpowered, just to make the game better for "yourself."  A bunch of selfish crybabies if you asked me.  You put rules on everything in the game, and if someone abuses something then "it is cheap" and "they suck."


    "People cannot jump, because it isn't realistic."

    "People cannot go prone, because it isn't realistic."

    "People cannot quickscope, because it isn't realistic."

    "People cannot do this, that, etc., because it isn't realistic."

    Shut the f*** up already about realism, it is a video game.  It is only realistic to a certain point, at the point that it is a video game and should be treated as such.


    This is a video game.  If you want realism, then JOIN THE MILITARY and STOP COMPLAINING.


    Crybabies are the one destroying this community, not the people that learn and adapt to get better.



  • 83. Re: Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

    as a rant you only get 2 out of 10, mainly as i stated i didn't want a mil sim just didn't want cheap ass douche bags but its ok i'll let you off. 


    the people that take issue with cheap ass douche bags make up the bulk of the community as in every match there is only ever a few douche bags while the bulk get on with playing the game is it was intended.  fact, simple really.

  • 84. Re: Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

    "Not playing the game as intended," is another stupid thing to say.  The developers intended on adding jumping into the game, so if you can use it to your advantage then why not use it.


    Calling stuff "cheap" and people that do something "douchebags" just proves that this community is so self-centered around this false set of rules that "everyone" has to follow, or they get critisized because they have picked up a few more skills to become a better player.


    "The Community's 'RULES'":

    1.  You have to suck.

    2.  You cannot shoot back.

    3.  You have to stand still.

    4.  You have to follow the first 3 rules or you are a cheap douchebag.


    It all comes down to this, the better players are better players, because they adapt and learn new skills.  The bad players make excuses why the better players are not as good as them because they use "cheap tactics," or "abuse techneques." 


    People cannot accept the fact that they suck.  People are in denial, and thus creating stupid rules on how a game is supposed to be played because they get out played by something.


    As for "cheap douchebag" like myself, I intend to play the game how I see fit, even if that means playing it like a "cheap tryhard douchebag."  I am fine with that because I know for a fact that I am the better player.

  • 85. Re: Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

    i really dont understand why people complain about halo jumpers. they make the easiest targets.  you just get a different kind of head shot.

  • 86. Re: Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

    I do not see it as anything to get worked up about..   You just aim where the person goes...  If they go up,  aim up, if they drop shot then aim down, its not that hard.


    Of course a person is going to try to avoid being shot, I do not jump much myself but if thats what somebody wants to do its fine.  


    It would be cheap if they were cheating or explioting a glitch,  but jumping is not so let people play their style..

  • 87. Re: Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

    RallyOrDie wrote:

    I am fine with that because I know for a fact that I am the better player.

    FYI, the game has built in avatar lag that causes most players to lose hit detection when the enemy jumps. So if you think getting a split second of invincibility while keeping the ability to shoot makes you some kind of legend, well... /facepalm.


    Again, not as bad on console thanks to aim assist and the lack of a keyboard. Console players must move their thumb off the aim stick in order to jump. On PC, I use a PS3 controller and the halo jump pretty much makes the keyboard players unbeatable in a 1 vs 1.

  • 88. Re: Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

    yes it's annoying but who cares? really...this is what you spend your time on the forums with? gosh...you make me want to punch a blind kid just for posting this stupid thread...spend some time on something that actually matters...like a broken part of the game instead of trying to stir up a trolling debate over "halo-jumping" in CoD...what's next? take out drop-shotting? how about quick-scoping? oh wait...what about hard-scoping?


    fluckin' idgit's

  • 89. Re: Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

    that's just controller vs keyboard...controller wins everytime...there is no "invincibility" barrier for jumping...there is no "built in avatar lag that loses hit detection"..the only reason that happens is that you jump and the player shooting you isn't fast enough to follow...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't


    i less than three the bad children with terrible theories that are untested and not mother approved

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