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ZoidNation - A Casual Gaming Community

We are trying to start a gaming community for those people who either are not good at Call of Duty and would like to improve with others of their skill level, or even those who just want to play for fun without worrying about score. Yes, some matches will be taken serious if requested, and we will enlist in online competitions. This clan doesn't stop at Call of Duty. ZoidNation members will play any game with you, whether it be a hockey game, CoD, Minecraft, you name it. There are NO REQUIREMENTS. It would be preferred if you had a mic to talk, but once again there are NO REQUIREMENTS. SImply message xPhazoid on Xbox LIVE for any possible questions. You can join easily by looking up ZoidNation on the Call of Duty Elite website, and you will be APPROVED. Everyone is APPROVED here at ZoidNation, no matter your age, sex, or race.