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I'm so glad I had a Quickscoper on my team last night.

On Cargo last night in a TDM this child spent the entire game jumping off of the forklift and crates spinning round, taking a random shot and dying.


End of the game he was 3 kills (none from his stupid tricks I checked) and 20 deaths. He dashboarded before the very end to save his stats, but handed the team he was on a headache and a loss.


Thanks for that kid, and in future practice your dumb selfish trade on bots.


Games in my vault if anyone wants to waste seven and a half minutes of their life nauseating themselves...


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are a wannabe trickshooter or quickscoper, then stay out of public lobbies? It is very anti social and selfish to ruin games for all the legit players.