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HELP...controller issue

Help.  Am I stuck with using the classic ps3 controller?

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    NO!! there are other options. If youare looking to find a better PS3 controller. SCUF controllers are the stuff!! I'm sure there are other makers out there. For me, I am just not used to the controller and it's hard to game with.

    If you are a xbox gamer and have expanded your gaming horizon to PS3, then there are a few options as well. They have an adapter that plugs into your PS3 and connects your xbox controller so you can use xbox controller on ps3 ($30). I've seen a few aftermarket controllers for the PS3 that look like the xbox controllers but haven't tried them. Not willing to spend $80 on a controller that might not work.hope that helps.

    I'm always looking for folks to game with. feel free to add me: shib_671