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I need a good  fun clan (Xbox)

OK, so I may not be the best but I just like to have fun. I will sometimes troll (usually Zombies though as it’s hard on multiplayer on BO2). When I do play serious though, I do ok only because I run and gun and like to hop in there spawn and destroy. I have the season pass so I can play everything. I play a decent amount usually. I have a mic and will talk. I would like a clan with at least a few people. Preferably more than 10 people. Thanks for reading and taking me into consideration. I am also sorry for rambling, but I am really tired when writing this.


Gamertag: SkeeJ88.


P.S. I also have a PS3 but I only have BO1, MW3, and MW2. My PSN: DolphinBananas