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Black Ops 2: Cannot Find ANY Game- HELP



Whenever I try to find a game in Black Ops 2, it will be stuck in the loading screen. I bought the season pass, so I can't even play on the new map packs. I have Nuketown 2025, so I can't play on those either. This usually ends up in me having to go to "any" search preference and playing on a one bar. I tried doing "best", or even "normal" connection on any gametype, but so far all I can join is TDM on "any" connection. I have tried both wireless and an ethernet cable but so far they both do not work.


I have/use:

My NAT is moderate

Xbox 360 (newest version)

Wireless (but I have an ethernet cable)

A mac connected to the internet


Does anybody know a solution for this?




P.S. I live in Hong Kong, China.