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Activision the Evil Money hungry Company!

Activision is so evil in compare to other companies!


- They don't put 'online passes' on their games.

- They don't want you to pay for their Servers (Demonware)

- They don't force you to pay for extra service like Elite Stats, Theater Mode, Live Streaming.

- They don't force you to buy the Map Packs.

- They don't turn off the Servers for older titles, you can even play CoD2 today.

- They continually support their games with Title Updates and Hotfixes, other Companies drop the support after 1-2 Title Updates.


Some people just don't understand how much free service we get for little money. You pay 60$ for a game that will work for many years without the servers being shutdown and all that without any extra costs.


Activision makes a lot of money in the Gaming Industry, in fact Call of Duty is the most successful franchise on the market right now. But people don't see the other side of the coin how much things Activision is giving us for free.

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    I saw your title and thought this was a BAD topic you were posting


    too many people want everything for free, working perfectly, and they want it right now.

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    XD love the title

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    Great Post

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    I agree and can't complain about that. I've never felt like I don't get my monies worth with the amount of time I've put into this game. Its been a great bargain and find it humorous when people state they want their money back. There is one thing that I believe though. CoD never would have revolutionized the multiplayer experience and made Activision the wealth they now bath in if they did any or all of the things you stated. Buts thats hypothetical.

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    once again people got the game twisted we are the consumer without us activision wouldn't be sh!t. we pay 60-120 and some who pay 220 for the prestige edition and season pass bucks for a game they make a billion dollars on this series every year. we have legit complaints and they never address them the online is a joke and broken the hacking and glitchers never get punished. all the game is a expansion pack from last years broken sh1tfest that was mw3. and u forget last year the season pass was called elite that u had to pay 50 bucks for. and now for video proof on how broken the online is

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      Season Pass and Elite service are optional, and just because someone bought a extra Toy with the Prestige Edition doesn't mean he gets extra special support service from Activision.


      Point is, the game cost 60$ without any extra costs, you can buy it even cheaper - used (it doesn't have a online pass).

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        well u know the cod nerds are going to buy it cause they think that this is the only game made. in order for a change to happen people need to wake up and stop dealing with this bs this is the last one im buying and i was a treyarch fan only bought their games now im done the lack of support is disgusting. so much for listening to the community all they listen to are the kids complainning about nerf this nerf that. i wish it was like the world at war days where they still did public beta testing and actually cared about the community. that game was the last good call of duty made black ops was good but only for the zombie maps and singleplayer story.

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    Good points there mate.


    I actually agree with all of them. Not that because I'm some "COD fanboy" but other FPS have died due to game publishers/developers not supporting their games and shutting their servers.


    As an example, look at Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The game died after a month. I tried to play it a couple of days ago and couldn't even find a match.

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    Great post! We don't realize how good we have it with this game!

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      ever realised why they dont make al those things forced?

      imagine this.

      black ops 2 in the state as it is and you gotta pay 5-10 euro for the online pass to play the game while its near unplayable at times

      if they made you pay for their servers(uhm dedicated servers i would buy anyday on this game to get rid of the bullshit) and the last part is just again number 1.

      payment for use of live streaming theater etc? not alot of people remotely care about theater or livestreaming(waste of time imo)

      forced DLCs? goodbye call of duty for sure

      next COD im not buying until i see good videos from it.

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    they actually are...


    ever wonder why wow went down the shitter? activision bought them and 1 week later introduced a bajillion microtransactions


    notice how bad D3 was at release? used D2 name to sell 10millions copies to unsuspecting customers. notice the cut they took from the auction house? butt raping people whenever they bought or sold gear


    notice the most hated companies now are probably activision/blizzard and activision/treyarch


    whats the common name here?

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    Yeah Activision is the greatest. Lets make our customers host their own matches, then we will put the customer that is hosting a second behind everyone else so they can't enjoy the game and rage quit/backout so we can force another paying customer to host and have the same crappy experience, rinse and repeat.

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    I get


    - 300  hours out of each game per annum (includes leagues, comps, elite use)

    - 100 hours per annum from the forums


    I pay;


    - US$130 for the game per annum

    - US$600 for dedi asdl2 per annum

    - U$$800 amortized for gaming setup per annum (dedi Xbox, 60inch panel, game modem, scuff, TB 7.1 headphones - 3 year change out cycle.


    Value for Money


    - US$3.83/hr

    - Excellent value


    For me;


    - game runs well

    - it's  well made,

    - I like the DLC

    - support its responsive

    - problems get patched

    - there s lots of free stuff.


    Sure I have a couple of issue but these do not detract from my enjoyment.