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CRACKED - Domination - Got -30 000 points for a kill



Something very strange and not nice happened to me today. I was playing Domination on CRACKED; I got killed a guy and got awarded "-2e+09" (red coloured text). When I looked on the Game Leaderboard I saw I actually got -30 000 points. I also saw I was not alone; three other guys got this as well.


The game then stopped because of host migration, and when it resumed I looked into the Game Leaderboard and there were three guys, whereas I was not there. But I kept playing anyways. After a couple of minutes I had a look into the Leaderboard again, and saw myself with the -30 000 points again.


That is not all. After the game, when I saw the game summary I almost got a heart attack. The level-up progress bar at the bottom of the game summary was completely out of range, showing (cannot remember exactly; more or less) -2 700 000 000 points.


Before the game I was Prestige 1 level 36 (or 38, again I'm not sure), and after the game I was left with the above (negative) number of points and reset to Prestige 1 level 1.


I have no idea why that happened; I thought I might be a bug or a hacked lobby but it does not matter to be honest, I would just like to have my Prestige 1 level 36/38 back with no negative points on the account.


Please help