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Question about MW2 hacks

Yes, modern warfare 2... sorry to ask here, but Activison removed the MW2 forums and they just redirect to here now.


Obv MW2 is infested with hackers, esp on PS3.. I seem to recall hearing somewhere that hacks don't work for the game if you have DLC installed. If anyone knows if it's true or not I'd love to know. I'd buy the DLC in a heartbeat if that means no more hackers.. otherwise I don't think I'll waste any more time with the game

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    I know with cod4 if you have the dlc it's hard to find a game most of the people on it don't have the dlc. So I would think mw2 would be the same

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      Hmm bummer.

      I really wish they released a patch to combat hackers. I know COD4, WAW and MW2 aren't where their market is anymore, but I can't see it taking much more than copying some of the modern anti-cheat systems they have in BO, MW3, and BO2 over.


      Obviously they don't make money off of the older games directly anymore.. but I think giving people a positive experience for them is good for hype, and getting new customers. People who have never played a Call of Duty game usually buy COD4 or MW2 first since you can get it used for like $10-15... but if they get a bad gaming experience due to hackers, they probably won't bother buying a newer COD game. But if everything goes well, they get more involved with the series and pick up the newer ones = profit.

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    Great game and I just started playing online and I all got is is hacked games.