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Call of Duty Enthusiasts – Please Read!


Hello everyone, my names MadMcardle, but please call me Mad


I am putting together a new Call of Duty community / clan and would like some information from likeminded PlayStation 3 gamers.


I am not looking for members at this time as I am currently working on the website.


Things I am considering and would like some feedback –


  1. As this is a Call of Duty clan, I would like to have teams covering previous titles, but how far back should it go? Black Ops 2 and MW3, what about Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, World at War and Modern Warfare, should I include them? Do many people still play these titles?
  2. Requirements to join, what should they be? I definitely want a minimum age requirement, but what would be best? I was thinking maybe 14, 16 or 18?
  3. What about a positive K/D? Not asking for something huge, just 1.00 or over.
  4. Monthly competitions with real prizes, I’m not please saying you’d win a new car, but some kind of Call of Duty merchandise?
  5. Military Ranking – I like the idea of using a military rank system with Chain of Command etc, would this appeal to you?


I will update this post as time goes on with any new questions or information. Any other feedback, questions or ideas for the clan are welcome, but please keep your comments positive!





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    I would as far back as MW3 and black ops 1 however most of the people on my friends list play BO2 or other newer titles and most dont even have black ops 1 anymore. Min age of 16 would be a good idea but good luck enforcing it. 1.00 or better kd would be a good idea also but make exceptions for players who are generly good but havnt gotten their k/d up beyond 1.00 yet. Monthly competitions sounds like a great idea and is a good incentive to stay with a clan but at the same time dont hurt your wallet in the process. I perfer a chan of command in a clan more so than just a free for fall. The clan i am currently in has a leader and has generals captians lt's and sarge's below him making for a easy known ranking system, However promotion within the clan is halted for the most partbecause of the number of high ranks already in the group. So remember the more people you have the harder it is to decide who to promote. Hope this was of help

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    A community where you can openly name suspected boosters, so people can watch their stupid boosting lobby games and decide for themselves what lame ass pathetic pecker head **** wads they are. I could name a stack of players who always appear at the top of the weekly/monthly TDM lead boards who are so obviously boosting and I only normally report the max prestige douche cheat bags.