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300 member clan RECRUITING


Team Knockout wants YOU

The T.K.O. clan A.K.A. Team Knockout is recruiting all people that love to play Xbox....We have an offical MLG game battle for tho's that think their good enough, and all COD players we do have 2 different COD Elite so you will be in one of out Elite clans...We could help you in many ways if you joined T.K.O., we have over 300 members at this moment and are growing. Dont let this pass you by...To become a T.K.O. member plz go to   http://team-knockout.com to sign up...and plz let them know TKOxMcNasty helped recruit you T.Y....message me if you need help or go to http://team-knockout.com  to sign up and you HAVE to SIGN up to join.



We also play many other games and not just cod and have "Game Nights" on COD and many other games