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Nuclear title, finally got it, how did you get yours, were you nervous?

Ok so got a little excited earlier as I was the first of my group of friends to get the nuclear title!! managed two kills after then ran away and hid like a little girl to use my Lode Star.


Obviously this was on nuke town but I'm amazed I managed it. Wasnt really going for it and halfway through the second round of dom the game seemed to conspire against me and spawn the entire team around me. Massively grateful to my mates I was playing with as they all swarmed me and protected me, I think I was on 28 at the time.


Anyway the players today have been really bad, I'm not the greatest player but managed to get my second 100 plus game just playing the objective, no spawn camping and running round in there spawn just holding down the objective with my mk48.


I see so many nuclear titles when playing and cant believe that most of them are legit because todays game was the first time everything has gone right for me and I have played way too much.


I think to get this title does take some eleent of skill but a massive amount of luck as well. Whats everyones thoughts?