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Solo Play


Kind of a rant here,  but not to much so.  10th prestige,  and almost master last night,  so I figured I would finish it out this morning playing.  So I hopped on for some HCKC to get through the last five levels quickly,  and that I did.   Well anyways,  I am a team player and will be the first to admit it.  Solo play is not my strong point,  but even at that I usually go well positive as to not affect my team. 


Heres the reasons I dont play solo,  really just one reason,   people suck.   Finishing up those levels today were the most frustrating things ever in this game.  One lobby a guy on my team went 54 kills,  4 deaths,  and 2 confirms.   Really?  Yes you can kill people,  but finish it up and get the tags,   because of him we lost the game.   Everyone else had a lot more confirms than kills.   Another lobby there were a set of boosters,  reported and moved on.   Another lobby (KC is a team against team game right?) a teammate kept killing us for picking up what Im guessing was his tag.   He lasted all of about 2 minutes before he got booted.  Theres more,  but not going to keep going.


The point of this post,  all you solo players out there,  I have to give you props.   Ive been playing with the same guys for years,  some new ones come in sometimes to.   So were pretty much always 6 deep,  and can control almost any situation.  Playing with a team is the reason I have the K/D I do,  the reason my W/L ratio is what it is,  ect.   If I was doing solo on all these games from WaW on,  I bet I wouldnt be on the CoD series anymore.  If I was,  I sure wouldnt have the stats I have.


Been reading all these post,  and one completely caught my eye,  because he had a 4 K/D.  Thats why I had to write this.   Playing solo in this game takes a lot more skill and talent,  than running a full squad.   So to that,  big props to all you Lone Wolf guys.

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    Playing solo is no fun.


    I have lots of folks I play with... but when they aren't on occasionally I play alone... and its miserable.


    While it sucks, I just can't stand when people play solo and complain about it. Not surprising playing team games alone.

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    It can get frustrating solo (wait till you get a guy purposely shooting your bettys to get you kicked for team killing) had a guy teamkill me for grabbing his "ticket" which he left in the open for about 20 seconds with noone around,


    back on cod4 I used to leave the mic on in lobbies and have a friendly chat (most of the time) now I'm just grateful for a mute all button

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    Thats why i have stopped playing this game. I made it solo to Prestige Master and i get matched with some of the 100+ gameplay youtubers like FearCrads while i stuck with a team of noobs. FFA is not my thing and Mercenary Moshpit has to many gamemodes (forces me to lobby surfing which i don't want to).


    After months of frustration i've decided to give up on this game. This game is not fun due to the unbalanced teams.


    I am playing Crysis 3 in the last few days and i have more fun with it than during my whole 10 days playtime of Black Ops 2. I am gonna sell Black Ops 2 in the next days. I would come back but i doubt anything will change, time to move on. I lost my hope for this game.

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      I wish I liked Crysis enough to make the change. Don't like the invisibility cloaks!

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        It takes a while to learn how all the stuff works, but its worth the try. Cloaked players have low health and are easier to kill, there is also a ability in the game which allows you to see the cloaked players. Even when i lose in Crysis 3, i still have more fun than in Black Ops 2 while winning.

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    Being a lone wolf, I wouldn't say takes more skill and talent, just need to have a very thick skin. Besides, if you had casual gaming friends like myself, you'ld find out that winning comes more often with other randoms.

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    Play mercenary. Solo's vs solo's is better than going solo's vs parties.

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    Couldnt agree more. I've mostly played with only 1 or 2 people and it SUCKS carrying people who show no interest in the objective. Tonight I played in a 6 man team and it was like playing in easy mode most of the time. In most of the games the randoms quit out and I dont blame them because it sucks to be pub stomped, and we hadnt even really set out a game plan. I even got the tripple dom cap award as a nice bonus.


    Having said that I scored a fair bit more in the games I had to fight to win but cest la vie - its a nice trade off!

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    Agreed. Playing solo absolutely sucks especially against full parties.


    Like you, I play in parties to avoid the frustrations of playing lone wolf. I do like the challenge of carrying teams however it can be frustrating as hell especially when you're playing to the best of your ability and still losing.

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    I hate playing solo. 8/10 times my team isn't playing the objective or they're just getting slaughtered. So i just say f*ck it and kill whore. But unfortunately, i still find myself trying to solo cap B for some reason..