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Wife tired of me yelling at the TV


I have only been playing since Early January or so and its the first time I have really put myself into a first person shooter with any seriousness. Bottom line I suck.


I have tried weapons, combos etc and the only thing I am worth a damn at is the shotgun. Any tips on how to improve aiming? I swear I am shooting guys but they hit me with 1-5 shots and down I go.


I am not trying to become great at this, but seriously I'd like to be somewhat good at it.


So help a 44 year old dad / Grandpa out would you? :-)

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    I am 47- join the crowd. Playing against bots should certainly help your aim. Until it gets better I would also advise using range to your advantage. This is a twitchy shooter and if you rush you need both quick reflexes and accurate aim.


    When you play people better than you, pay attention to their routes. What path do they use to move through the boards? Where are you consistently getting killed?


    When I was in your shoes, R6V was the shooter of choice. I had a guy who was really good (he was top 10 worldwide in Modern Warfare) who took me under his "wing" and both gave me advice as well as let me run with his clan. I learned A LOT from these guys about how they played and managed game types. Try and hook with some other like minded players, hopefully good ones to pick up some pointers.


    If you can't, pick the leader on your team and try and shadow them a bit during gameplay. Not too close and don't box them in as that is irritating but close enough to observe and also cover flanks.


    Good luck and you will get better no doubt.

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    Play private games and add bots(computer AI) Set difficaulty to easy and work your way up.  You need to first become comfortable with the controls and the maps.  Map knowlege and aiming are the two main things you need to get good at.  Also, I would try Hardcore modes as well.  If you find yourself shooting someone and they simply flinch, turn, and kill you, hardcore modes would be the game for you. I wouldn't play ANY multiplayer until you can comfortably play bots on the medium level and go 1-1 kill/death.

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    If your aim is off then try adjusting your sensitivity in game and find what is right for you ! also if you dont know about it lag comp is an issue as DGwallbang stated above,research it although it doesnt affect every player !

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    I'm also 47 and found it hard going at first but I watched a lot of help videos on youtube, read a lot on here and didn't try to directly compete with the kids who have faster reactions than me.


    I have to play smart and more tactically, think about what I'm doing and take my time rather than just run about everywhere because I know they're quicker and so will probably win in a face to face gunfight.

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    Lol such a cute story! Try out combat training on regular (because that's usually the average players skills set is at--normal or they either sick.) I wouldn't say put it on recruit cuz you'll come across some good players too! Good luck!

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    For aiming play local against BOTs on the Hardened level.  You can always lower the difficulty to start but Hardened is the most like online play difficulty wise.  Use a second account for this so that you don't have to worry about your online stats getting reset.  They supposedly fixed the glitch that caused the resets but I wouldn't risk it.  The BOTs will not move in the same traffic patterns as online players do.  So ignore that part of it but they will be pretty aggresive and since you are playing local you can try out every gun and attachment/perk combo that you'd like which will help you determine what fits you best.  Also this game rewards aiming down your sights (ADS) before you shoot.  It literally decreases your bullet spread so that more bullets will actually hit your target.  You don't always have to ADS but it helps in most cases.  The laser sight attachment gives you the same accuracy as ADSing.  So if you prefer hipfiring then SMGs with a laser sight will help you out a lot.  Once you've got aiming down pretty well, go back to Multiplayer and pay attention to where people tend to hide.  Dying in this game happens so quickly that the guy who moves around the map with the best cover and lines of sight has a huge advantage.  So pay attention to how you got killed and learn from it.


    Lastly, as perks go you have to consider what is killing you most.  If you are dying because people always know where you are then Ghost will help.  If explosives are taking you out then Flak Jacket (and/or Engineer which delays triggering betties and claymores) is the answer.  If aerial assaults are the problem then use Blind Eye (and ColdBlooded if it's a player controlled scorestreak).  If you are getting nailed by concussions, flashbangs, and/or shock charges then Tactical Mask will be your friend.  The only perk that I would say should be a staple in your setup is Toughness at least until you get good at gunfighting.  Toughness reduces the amount of flinch you have when being shot.  You will have a hard time winning gunfights if your gun is kicking like a mule because someone landed a bullet on you.


    As guns go I would suggest starting with SMGs (the MP7 is very good), they play very similar to the shotguns in that you want to keep the engagements close but they have better range than shotguns.  From there you could move on to ARs but you will need to have learned how to use cover very well (ie standing behind a barrel, etc) and you'll want to stay out of the short ranged fighting that you used for shotguns and SMGs.  ARs are best when used medium to long range.


    For scorestreaks, I would suggest UAV, Hunter Killer and Care Package.  The Care Package is good for getting you exposure to some of the higher scorestreaks but once you feel like you can manage it, I would switch it out for the lightening strike or hellstorm missle.


    My final piece of advice is to play Domination.  The spawn points are very predictable in DOM.  That will keep things simplified as you learn how to manuver the map.  Experienced players will still get behind you from time to time but it will happen less frequently than in gamemodes like KC or TDM.

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    Also, find a gametype you like and suits your style.  If you like to lay back and camp, don't play kill confirmed.  CTF and DOM need defensive players who can hold down the flags. Also, be under control. I run and fly through everywhere to find people and get a ton of kills.  Thats how I like playing.  You'll hear people brag about their KDR being really high and how good that makes them, but that doesnt mean everything.  If you camp and sit at your flag playing defensively, you will naturally have a better KDR.  If you run and gun(and help with the team obj) then a lower KDR is expected.  Sounds like you would be more of a passive player, so learn the maps and support your team. And practice....

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    I'm 53...if you fancy adding me for a few "old buggers " games feel free, my GT is white atom

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    you could be my brother in law just a bit older, lol. I agree with most suggestions but also... try hardcore. I know a lot of it is connection but I do not have to put a full clip into someone on HC. Some people say you die easier as well but... I seem to die in one bullet regardless so why not be able to kill someone with one bullet as well?

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