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I'm Looking for good players in Centeral US to play with that have Mic's, age 18+   Team Beast Mode!


I always find I have the best Connection When I'm in a full party with People closer to my local. I have a good group of people to play with but I'm trying to find some Beast players to party up and do League Play and Public matches. We mainly play Domination, TDM, Hardpoint, Demolition and Headquarters among other Hard core types. but mostly Core Games.

so If you

1) HAVE a 1.0+ K/D, High SPM or Your a good Objective player(Then K/d dosnt really matter)

2) HAVE a Good MIC

3) ARE Mature (18+) Years old, Preferably over 21.

4) Are a good Team Player That Communicates.

5)Have a good Connection (Live In the Centeral United States or can get a 4 Bar on my connection and Vise Versa.)

I would Like to play with you, We had a game battles Team in MW2 and our record was 54-2 so we are some serious hard core competitive gamers.

But dont worry we have fun playing as well We dont rip your head off for doing something wrong. our strongest 6 Players will be competing in a whole bunch of tournaments so why not see if you can add to the Team. I'm really good and have a high SPM. Also Living in the Midwest is a big plus.

Just send me a message to my Xbox 360 Gamertag: Sick Buck NaStY

Lets play a few game's and see how we do in a match.

Thanks hope to see you on the battlefield.

(Frag out)