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ZOmbie players!!

I have played a  lot of zombies lately and the problem is, playing with random people dont work they destroy the game.

So im looking for some good players to play with.

My current record is 44 and im pretty good and can survive.


But since it takes forever to get to high rounds i only want to be added by players that are very good and dont walk in circles forever or die all the time


and i dont want any1 that saves money for 20 rounds and dont buy a single weapon i played with people who just saves money cause they dont understand you dont need unlimited cash, then they die cause the only thing they can do is walk in circles and stay in the same area then it takes 3 hours to get to round 30. also if your more than 2 players its very hard to survive if 2 people occupies the lobby and the stage the whole game and i dont want players that only can survive in one place. i have mic if needed   My ign is : andreas133