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Am I not allowed to go negative?

Do most people expect Prestige Masters to own every game?


Do they not understand that there's challenges to be done that make it very difficult to do well?

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    most of them do

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    Nah, I know that someone who is PM has probably just played more than me. I don't think it necessarily depicts that any extra above average skills are present.


    Having said that, you'd think that someone who has played the game so much would dominate under any normal circumstances.


    Everyone has a bad day though.

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    Just got out of a game where some guy was complaining about his team. It's so annoying because someone has to lose, and there's always going to be someone who is better than you. Maybe not in that lobby, but eventually we all lose to someone.

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    As long as it's not TDM. ;-)

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    Some folks can't feel good about themselves if they aren't putting someone else down.  Just be glad that your not one of them.  I had a guy last night complain that I was using a Skorpion to which I responded "Wow you are playing a 6 v 3 (his favor) and you're actually complaining about what gun somebody is using."  He didn't have any more opinions.  I had another guy proclaiming his greatness and my teams lack thereof after we had just spent the match watching him and a couple other members of his team blink their way across the map.  It was probably just a bad connection on their end but since their blinking only seemed to occur when they saw me and I had the advantage, I reported him for cheating just in case.  Then I found a new lobby rather than continuing to put up with what might have been a lag switcher.


    But back to your main point, some people do expect PMs to be beastly in every match.  So when they get the better of them (even if the PM was going knife only) they feel so important that they just have to say something about it.  It's rather pitiful that their feelings of self worth are so tied into beating someone that they consider to be the superior player just because they've played the game long enough to be a higher prestige.  I'll say this though, if you do decide to play up to your normal standards the next game and put a beatdown on them, you can pretty much guarentee that they won't stay in the lobby.  Their fragile egos can't handle it.

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      Well said.


      The truth of the matter, as far as I'm concerned, is I'm no longer very good at CoD. I have awesome games but I'm very often average. I'm one of those who got there by time played rather than beasting it in 7 days. My days of being awesome at video games are long gone.

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             I'm in the same boat.  12 days in, almost there.  I like trying out different guns and stradegies, as I find running around with a SMG gets boring (very quickly).  I'm a little older now, so my eyes and reactions aren't what they used to be, and the connectivity of this game is so bad, it's hard to tell if you are playing poorly or if lag is holding you down.


             Mute all is where it's at, this generation is lost.

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          I find the excuse of reaction times and age for being bad at this game gets very boring (very quickly).


          How do we know its lag you're experiencing and not just your old eyes dropping their FPS rate?

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                 It's fact that your vision starts to degrade after 20.  Not making excuses, and I don't particularly think I'm bad, just stating facts.

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            Hardly an excuse for some people. It's reality. (I did lol at "eyes dropping their FPS rate" haha)


            I don't know what it is for me... maybe it's the evolution of games, especially CoD. I have thought about my hand/eye coordination deteriorating over the years but, since I'm only 31, haven't put it down to that at all.


            When I was younger I could put 50p in a Street Fighter 2 machine and beast it until the end, I would draw a crowd around me at the arcades or youth club. NO ONE beat me, just like no one could on SNES.

            My KDR in CoD4 is 3.56. 99.9% of games had over three times the amount of kills over deaths, the 0.1% had more. I was one of those who would do "Misery Loves Company" to get another Chopper.


            Maybe I'm burnt out

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    Anyone who equates a prestige level (or any online stat) to skill... is an idiot.

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    seeing a PM in a lobby is quick way for BO2 players to immediately place a stereotype on somebody before looking at their stats or even playing against them for more than one match or at all for that matter.


    Personally, i like to see what a PM is capable of especially when their 8 yrs old and talking crap to everyone in the lobby... lol

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    I know exactly what you mean by playing the objective sometimes makes you go negative. If I would have had just one teammate with me on soooooo many occasions, I could have captured countless objectives and might have won many more games. But there is only so much one person can do.


    I had a guy this morning on my team complaining after a match about more then half of our team going negative (mind you, he was the top guy from our team, but captured nothing). He said, "Campers should never go negative." It just baffled him how they could. I personally don't care about stats of any kind. I do my best and work the objective and play to have fun. I do get upset at people that run around and just shoot the ground, blow themselves up all the time, and basically do everything possible to annoy others, but I can always mute and I can always change lobbies.


    People need to realize that not everyone out there is a wannbe pro or cares about stats. Let's just get back to having fun.