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An interesting bit of information about the prestige master glitch.


I was playing with a buddy last night and we ran into a couple of guys on our team who were really cool so we partied up with them.  As we were playing throughout the night one of them asked if I did the prestige glitch or if I had done it the right way (they were all 4 and 5's).  I told him that I had done it the long way and thats when he told me about one of his friends.


He said one of his "good friends" IRL did the glitch and called Sony to see if they would reset it for him so he wouldnt have to create a new account in order to rank up the right way.  Sony proceded to tell him that they could not reset the account and that it never would be reset since it was a mistake by the devs that allowed it to happen. 


Kind of interesting.  I felt like eventually they would start resetting these guys but I guess not.  It sure makes my diamond ARs SMGs and LMGs a big waste of time since every 12 year old and other glitcher can get them done in a matter of minutes.

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