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CRUE is Recruiting - Clan K/D is 2.00 - Xbox USA


>>> Motley Crue <<< is looking for Premium

members 18yrs and above who will participate in

the Clan Challenges with a 2.00 K/D or higher

and lives in the USA.

-The Clan average K/D is 2.00

-The Clan Tag is  "CRUE"

- Check us out on ELITE


- Click     >>>> Motley Crue <<<<



-If you reset your stats to join CRUE you need to


message me on Xbox.  That is not a problem. 


My gamer tag is  "  OO Nicc  " 


The Requirements to join are listed below.




-OO Nicc






Motley Crue requirements to join.


1 - You have to Speak ENGLISH.


2 - You have to live in the USA.


3 - The age is set to be 17 or older. I do give some 14,15 yr old a chance, but I have a rule. It’s the SQUEAKER rule. Which means if the youngster doesn’t know when to shut the hell up and are annoying as **** they get kicked ASAP no questions asked.


4 - The Motley Crue clan is named after the band.


5 - The top 3 game types everyone plays is TDM, DOM, KC. You can play what every you want but that is the top 3.


6 - No BOOSTING.  If we get caught boosting we can get banned from all CLAN OPs.


7 - Zero tolerance to name calling. Watch your language, and be careful not to offend anyone. But once you start to play with the members and get to know them you can be yourself. We do not cause problems in lobbies but if you’re in a lobby and someone is provoking you, by all means take the gloves off and handle it as necessary.


8 - We have a Face book page. It’s C.O.D.M.C.


9 - We will be doing every CLAN OP when they come out.

-OO Nicc

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