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Hate message that has made my day!

Ok so I'm playing away today with a friend on Chaos moshpit. We get nuketown demolition. Planting first. I put on my vector class and try to get the plants. Have a good game I get both bomb planted and detonated and 20 or so kills. Second half we are defending so I switch to my mk48 class and defend. we win.


After the match I get the following message:


I'm intrigued so the conversation goes like this:

     "ok, what for exactly?"

We play the game again and this chap is on my side. camps with an LMG the whole game going no where near the objective. We lost and I was a little annoyed as he thought I should be reported for playing the game the right way.

     Me - "You should try playing the objective instead of camping and blaming your deaths on anything other than your lack of ability"

     Him - "my ability is fine hence my level all u do is run n gun with no skill" - he is a prestige master with a 0.6 KD (this is important as it is the part that has made my day

     Me - "Level means nothing other than you have played along time, I play the objective and have completed all of the weapons. You camp and still have a negative KD, ignoring the objectives. Just to clarify you reported me for running and gunning?

     Him - "whatever learn maths 0.6 is positive ask at school tomorrow lil boy" I roared with laughter

     Him - "no for using ur modded controller" He most have noticed my rapid pad on the 2 fully automatic weapons i used.

     Me - "You seriously think 0.6 is positive?"

     Him - "obviosly ur dumb and dont understand simple maths go ask teacher bye" 

     Me - "Thank you, your utter stupidity has made my day!"



I am no where near the greatest player but I dont blame the game when I die and people like this make me chuckle to no end. Thought others might find it amusing. I know there are a couple of spelling mistakes but I have copy and pasted his messages direct. Anyone ele have similiar funny stories.

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