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PS3 Black Ops 2 Zombies Glitch

Ever since since I downloaded the Die Rise map pack i have not been able to host zombie pre game party's with my friends, and I cannot play solo zombies any more. Any thoughts? Happend to anyone else?

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    This actually happened to me once. I know it sounds weird, but what I did was when you go into public match and are on the globe, set the search preferences to normal. I did this and have had no problems since.

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    I've only been having this problem with Die Rise, it doesn't seem to have effected the other maps.


    Check your bandwidth - go to Options then press select. It needs to be about 900+ kbps to play solo. For some reason the bandwidth on Multiplayer is considerably higher than Zombies, which seems to be the main issue here. If it's low on Zombies, try this - go to Multiplayer and sign out, then go to Zombies and sign back in. Your bandwidth should have increased, then try solo it should work