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Struggling with the Maxis easter egg on die rise, can anyone tell me where I am going wrong?

ok so me and my buddies are really struggling with this side of the easter egg. We have completed the Richtofen side but cant seem to get this one done. The following are the steps we have completed:

     Step 1 - Light up the elevator symbols

     Step 2 - Light up the symbols in order

     Step 3 - Shoot the balls from the dragons mouth

     Step 4 - Start the blood sacrifice

     Step 5 - Finish the blood sacrifice get maxis to say Ressurection is the way forward (or something like that)

now at this point I know that we have to have the Pack-a-punched ballistics and use them in the budda room. We have tried the following:

     Samuel reviving russman by shooting the blades ala NGT without having the balls

     The above with the two players having the balls

     Shooting the blade randomly in the room


Nothing happens for us we cant get maxis to tell us the next step. We know its the trample steams but according to videos when you are on this step and you have placed a trample steam correctly you cannot pick it up again and we can always pick ours up so we are thinking we have not completed the previous step.


If we are missing something obvious please call me a moron and let me know what it is but we have tried this multiple times and no luck.


Thank in advance