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mw3 clan looking for new members!


I'm FALL3NNx3 leader of the SB clan and we are currently recruiting new members on ps3. We are looking for members who can work as a team to win and help each other. We mostly play team deathmatch and occasionally search & destroy and kill confirmed. Mic is optional. if you would like to try please contact me at fall3nx3@gmail.com.


To get in the clan you will do a 1v1 versus me or the captain Rockstarmora2. We will play on Dome. 25 kills 20 to get in. u will get 2 tries...regular guns. For regular guns you will be going againt FALL3NNx3 and if you quickscope then you will go against Rockstarmora2. We have a total of 6 members as of now.