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The toughest people on planet Earth play COD.


Nearly every lobby, every night when my mic is on I get the glorious opportunity to hear the "toughest, baddest, meanest, most fearless" human beings in the world.  Boxing, UFC, NFL, NHL need to really start looking into COD players to fill their spots when they need some "muscle".


Last night I am playing core KC on Meltdown.  The lobby is full beginning to end and the final score is 56-48.  Back in the lobby I tell my buddy "dam man that was fkn boring how in the hell does a match go that slow" and from the depths of "billy badass" a guy on the other team procedes to tell me how bad he would F me up and what a B1tch I am.  Now he sounds like a grown man not a 12 year old, actually the opposite he is definately my age or older (33).  I let him spout off a few minutes and say "I wasnt even talking to you so wtf is your problem the match was boring".


Big mistake.......Now he wants my address and is going to come to my house and kill me.  I am actually having a hard time typing this out of fear for my life as Mr. internet tough guy could show up any minute.


Why is it that everyone gets so worked up and is so aggressive?  When I was younger I was like that but now the only way I am fighting is if you hurt my kids, wife, dogs or a catch you breaking into my house.  In which case I will just shoot you anyway and call the Po Po.  The good ol make my day law.....but the last thing I am going to get worked up over is a video game.  There is a large number of people who play this game that would LITERALLY risk their lives over some smack talk in a lobby.  The wrong guy says the wrong thing to some psycho who lives close and it could, potentially lead to a bad situation.  OVER A GAME.....A VIDEO GAME. 


Quick story:  In a lobby a few weeks ago and a guy is going at me about coming to my house and "beating me up" and a friend of mine IRL who I am playing with procedes to get into an argument with this guy and give him his address.  Now fyi my buddy (not a great friend) is a very very pudgy 5'8" 230lb guy who couldnt fight his way out of a wet paper sack and who I could literally roll up with one arm or just sick my 5 year old on, but he proceded to actually give this guy his address adding to the "internet tought guy" phenominon.


Kind of long winded here but my point is there are some flat psyco people out there who are not just "internet tough guys" and would gut someone with a spoon and enjoy it.  Why risk it over sounding tough to some guy you are never going to see or meet