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Seed hacking


Any such thing as speed hacking on ps3,  I see it quite a but. Like a guy running with his head cut off that you don't have a chance, I hate those people

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    don't know and don't really care unless it effects me. ( kind of selfish but meh) If there is hacking on PS3 i can say it's not as bad as the xbox is getting hit...

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    I know that is I just had a game with a player called PRO-DRIPPY(please ban this person for any GMs that see this) He was in hardcore and never had a single death even when he was shot dirrectly by teammates, hostiles, and many other things. He urvived a car explosion right next to him, and THREE shots from my XPR. Let me remind you this is hardcore, and therefor he should have dies with one maybe two shots. He was calling in streaks with ZERO score. At the very beginning of the game he called in an Orbital VSAT, Lightning Strike(x2 or 3). Please if it is possible ban him. He has a score per minute of 42k+ a k/d of 15k+ and over 10,000,000 kills with only 3 hours play time, and he is already prestige master.

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    The name of your post threw me off! lol

    I was like, what is "SEED HACKING"

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    People don't/can't run with their heads cut off but chickens do.