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Black Ops 1 PS3

Around how many people are still playing this on PS3? My old Blops 1 game hasn't worked for about 8 months now and I was thinking about going out and getting another copy. I was just wondering if people actually still play the game.

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    I just got through playing earlier, and theres still a good amount of players

    U can't really trust the numbers but I never issues in game

    IMO worth buying again

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    Its only worth $20. Its still more pricer then a used copy of MW3

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    People still play it actually a lot of people still play it I have gone back to it myself.


    It feels really refreshing going back to it the maps the weapons etc 100% better than MW3.2 ohhh I mean Black ops 2.


    When Black ops 2 first come out the number of players dropped a lot on Black ops 1 for a couple of months but now it seems like a lot and I mean a lot are going back just shows the bloody mess they made with Black ops 2.


    Well just looking at the DLC sales tell you the second one is not as popular as the first I wounder why could it be anything to do with the maps the lag the weapons the graphics and being a camper friendly game?