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Scuf controllers


I am thinking about getting a scuf controller for are the

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    How are hey? They are the best controllers available at a fairly hefty cost!


    Pro tip: wait until after they announce the Xbox 720 (should be in april) because rumor has it there will be a new controller and the current 360 controller won't be compatible... So in like 7 months your 130$ controller will be as important as your Super Nintendo controller....

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    Besides, why do you need a modified controller?  You can't do good enough with a standard issue?

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    if im honest i ain that good at COD and wouldnt mind a edge

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    That's fine, I've always been a proponent of "if you can afford it, buy it".  The people that complain about modded controllers are the ones who haven't stolen enough lunch money from mommy and daddy to buy one, so they come on here complaining about them.  A scuf is no different than a rapid fire...the controller is used to do things that are not able to be done with a regular stock controller.  And all the xbox police will state the stupid fact that the scuf is "MLG approved", but it is a MODDIFIED controller that aids players with the controller...just like a rapid fire.

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    It's not a modded controll.



    It's more.. "Enhanced" is the way I look at it.. All pros use them and they are legal in terms of competitive play... It doesn't help you aim it doesn't make you fire faster. It just puts 2 buttons on the back of the controller so that jump and knife can be hit without having to remove your thumbs off of the control sticks.


    By gaming definition it's not modded.


    Kontrol freeks are more of a "mod" then a scuf ( I use kf;) )

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    If using a scuf controller is "cheating" then using the "claw" controller hold is beyond cheating because it does the same thing

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    Modded means something that has been chaged from stock, and scuf is not a stock controller.  A rapid fire just means you don't have to tap the trigger.  A scuf allows you to drop shot and jump without taking your hands off the controller...they are both MODDIFIED...besides PRO GAMING is an effing joke.

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    You are a joke.

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    You get a Scuf Controller for about $70-90, easily.  A xbox controller is about $40-50.

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