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All USA players that still play W@W regularly...


If you still play W@W every now and then, and if you live in the USA (preferably east coast) and if you have good internet...




I'll check this thread every now and then, if we can get a solid number I'll add everyone on my friends list. We can play in World at War's "Veteran" gametype, 0 people play in it.


Veteran is a relic of times when W@W had 100k + players online at a time. It was for high level players, like the anti-bootcamp. None of the modders/noobs would even know to scroll down and select it. We can use it to play Team Deathmatch hacker free as long as we coordinate 8+ people searching for a game at a time.


This is similar to players creating private matches but it keeps the stat tracking (albeit limited nowadays), ranking up,  and keeps standard settings, standard host selection, team balancing, ect.


I know these forums don't get much traffic but we just need a couple players I have a group of W@W vets on standbye at all times...


Again I emphasize if you are not USA and have a less than reliable ISP... I would rather not play than play with laggers. Just want a fair game of W@W.