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DIZE Gaming - Structured - Organized - MLG Team - YouTube Series


DIZE Gaming (PS3) Division


DIZE Gaming is a highly structured and organized gaming community, devoted to provide gamers the best experience in-game and to become a part of an outstanding clan. The clan is open to all interested in participating in Clan Operations and Clan Challenges as well as to have the honor to hold the gold clan tag. We also have an established MLG team, the highest level of competitive gaming in the community. The MLG team endures rigorous training and practice sessions that members are required to attend in order to help them reach their full potential. Members interested in creating montages and commentaries are encouraged to join the YouTube team, which brings users entertaining and informational content pertaining to the Call of Duty series and other games.


DIZE Gaming welcomes you to join and take advantage of this meritorious community. Applicants for the clan are required to have a microphone to avoid communication issues and are required to remain active both in-game and within the website: http://dize.enjin.com