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Black Ops 2 (DLC 2) Uprising Trailer To Be Announced APRIL 11th [Theory]


in the video above i will be explaining my theory on how i know that the next zombies map/DLC will be realesed on april 11th. But i also will be explaining it here too because I have to. Jimmy Zielinski released a photo of a 1,then a few hours later he realesed a photo of a 2, then a 3, then a five. there was not a picture released of a four though. take the numbers he posted a picture and add them together, 1+2+3+5+11 their missing a 4 so put that next to 11 and what do you get? 4/11 or april 11th.  Thank you for reading this and if you still don't understand this feel free to check out the video URL above, Thank you.