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Darklight crypt rerelease plz

With all of the price raping attempts with the selling of darklight crypt, activision could make a huge chunk of money off of re-releasing the darklight crypt adventure pack. Does anyone know if and when they plan on re-releasing the pack. I found 1 at a store in St. luis Mo. but made the mistake of leaving my cart un attended while having my kids try on clothes, sadly I got to the register to find it missing out of my cart and there is no way I am going to buy it off of Ebay or amazon for the prices they are trying to charge. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.

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    I feel the same. I just can't pay that much.

    I have seen a huge influx of the other three adventure packs at wal marts and targets throughout OH KY and WV. Check there maybe you'll get lucky.

    Activation should release more… you can't beat all the levels without it.