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PlaZMaTriiX Has 90+ Awesome Members! We Have Gold Tags! PS3 **Hurry! 10 Spots Left!**


PlaZMaTriiX is a team of active, devoted, competitive, and skilled players working as one to conquer and rise above our enemies on the battlefield.


BO2 Level 18

MW3 level 3

Gold Clan Tags - [PlaZ]


90+ Awesome Members!

BO2 1.10 Clan K/D Ratio

MW3 1.00 Clan K/D Ratio


We are not based on a single game! We have both, players for BO2 AND MW3

We play as a team and as one, and have fun doing so

We have members always online so that you won't play alone


We are looking for Active and  Mature Players who are willing to help the clan grow

Are you up for the job?


(Limited spaces)


Please leave your PSN ID below to receive an invite


Apply here:https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/6383709


PSN: D4Rk_MaTriiX