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Business 101 ~ And Gaming




As the new maps make their appearance many players assume way to many things (solved by reading and researching) that this game some how is not a profit oriented business. So let me clarify:


What is a corporation?


What sets the corporation apart from all other types of businesses is that a corporation (Activision) is an independent legal entity, separate from the people who own, control and manage it. In other words, it is a "legal person" that can enter into contracts, incur debts, and pay taxes apart from its owners.


Now that this is clear, writing things like "greed, robbing us, stealing my money, taking from us" and what not only make you sound ignorant which is usually associated with the younger crowd (sorry guys, but many young players can't tell their hand from their elbow!)


So lets take a look at the following question:


What is the purpose of a business?


The basic common answer would be "to make money" bottom line this is what they do.


Activision, Treyarch and the other developers do not work for free, they are not subsidized by the government they sell, and they sell the game and add on the optional portion that is Multiplayer.


If at any cost you truly believe yourself "robbed" sell the game, give it away, destroy it (I could care less) but coming here with pretexts about what a business is or isn't is moronic.

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