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How to get bots on black ops

Hi all, iv looked everywhere for answers I think here is my last chance. I want bots in multiplayer mode on my black ops (on Xbox if it makes a difference) I don't have live and I don't have broadband. But I played it in offline mode on my friends xbox. But I cannot get it on mine. Iv updated my dash do I need to update the black ops? I have an Xbox arcade. When I go to multiplayer, local, split screen I cannot see the option to edit game options, where you choose how many enemies and allies you have. Has this happened to people before? I really want this option that's the whole reason I got an Xbox. Can someone help me get this option please or tell me what to do in order to get it?

Many thanks

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    I personally do not play multiplayer. I would assume it is in an update or map pack if it's not some kind of mod, which if your not online evr shouldn't get you banned. I'm pretty sure it is normally  part of the game anyway. I wish I could be of more help. I do have every map and play online so I most likely could check for you, if we weren't playing Zombies...

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    4th thing on list setup bots!

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    You can play offline.

    When you are at the main menu (Campaign, Zombies, Multiplayer)

    Select multiplayer.


    Then Click Local and select a Split Screen.


    From there you can only choose either TDM or FFA because those are the only modes that will let you have the option of having enemy bots.