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[PS3] Korrupt Gaming (New Clan) (Experienced Owners) (Recruiting 24/7)


Hey guys I am the Co-Founder of Korrupt Gaming. We are a 16+ PS3 only clan and are looking for dedicated and loyal members who will be active on both our website and in game. When I say in game I don't mean on 24/7 because life obviously comes before games. When it comes to the site we want our members to be active because we will be doing some giveaways at some point in the future. The title says experienced owners which is completely true. The founder and myself ran a clan for about a year and we were the #1 heavy weight clan Anarchist Theory on the elite leaderboards for MW3. Here is the proof http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/...rstinelite.png. Unfortunately we made a mistake and allowed one of our loyal members to help us and he skrewed us over and shut down the clan. So we are coming back after acouple months of taking a break and we are ready to start kicking some a** again.

Also in the title it says New Clan. We just made the clan yesterday and are currently working on our website. http://korruptgaminclan.enjin.com/. The site is naked right now but that doesn't mean you guys can't get on there and join. We have some ground rules right now and they are pretty simple.

  1. No Drama
  2. No Racism
  3. Don't Bash (put down) fellow clan members

If you are interested go to the site and add myself (Ripcord317) PSN: Ripcord317 and the founder (Neo) PSN: Neoinferno22. If you are going to add us on PSN please leave a message why you are adding us. We will be adding cool features to the site as well such as

  • A ranking system
  • Groups to join such as Recruiters, Graphics, Media, Trainers (For the more experienced players who are willing to help out)
  • Badges for members who should be recognized (EX: Member of the Month)

I would like to thank you for reading this thread and I hope to see you guys on the battlefield soon

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