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$ensation  XBOX 360 clan UK/European competitive players and girls because we have 2 girls already


Hey i'm icedchief leader of $ensation. We are searching for more great people to join our clan.

We have 31 members. 2 of them are girls.

You need to be very good because we already have a really good team.

We want people that are nice for each other.

You need to be a active member.

We are as the title says a UK/European clan.

If you are a girl gamer KD doesn't matter because we think that girls also can play cod not only men.

Elite page : https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/3547505

Hope you guys join the clan.


With our team we beated every clan that mean something in COD. Wu humilited the tryouts of FARIKO by beating everybody with a with a msmc with suppresor so they would have a chance at far range. Other members encounter top clans on the TDM series and normal series on league play. One of our members was rank 1 so that says alot of the players we have. But we still need more members because we want enough players so that we can always play leage and go to tournement and humilate FARIKO ones again.


We beated a mlg team and other teams in a tournement and so won GT5 for the new xbox. If you are not good you will always be a replacement so please don't waste our time.


XBL : Xgn iced chief

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