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[ CU ] cOoKiEs UNiTeD (PS3 Clan) - Currently Recruiting!


Hey guys,


We're a clan based in Australia and are currently searching for new members.


Whether you be a camper, quickscoper, rusher, hell even a knifer, we would like you to apply!




We usually play TDM but also some SND and occasionally other game modes


We stick to mw3 generally but can play BO2 (most of us don't like BO 2)


All we need from you guys is to be able to at least make a 1:1 K/D Ratio in a match (ofc we all have our bad days )


We're looking for good sportsmanship, no insulting! Active and preferably if you have a mic that'll be just awesome!!!


Basically we're a group of people who were in a prestiged clan but most members went inactive so we decided to make our own


Feel free to apply if you wanna be a part of a new clan boys (and ladies if any out there O.O )





Clan info:

- 1.45 KD Ratio

- 717.17 SPM

- 771 Hours Played

- Most players have mics

- Current number of people: 4 (2 more joining soon) + you maybe?