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UK PS3 Clan Recruiting All Skill Levels




[FO]Fragout are recruiting


We are a UK PS3 multi gaming community.

At the moment we are mainly playing Call Of Duty, Black Ops 2.

We have players of all ages, although mostly adults, and a wide range of abilities.

We mostly play for fun, but also have some players who like to team up and play more competitively, taking on leagues and tournaments on sites like gamebattles.


If you're looking for a team, clan, or gaming community, there is a good chance we could be the right one for you.

Our requirements are just that you are from the UK, active, 14 or over, have a headset and most of all, that you want to have fun.
(note: under 18's will not play competitively alongside adults on 18 rated games. All skill levels accepted into clan, however competitive positions, such as gamebattles team positions will be earned)


So if we sound like the type of thing you are looking for, submit an application, as long as you meet the minimal requirements above, you will be accepted.




Some of the features you will get to experience as a clan member are:

- You will be a part of a CNOP approved clan

- Regular participation in clan ops, and clan challenges

- A Gold clan tag in Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

- Active forums with many interesting topics

- Friendly members always willing to party up

- A Full chatbox to communicate easily with other members

- A Well developed rank system

- A Professional site with a variety of features

- Gamebattle teams for the more competitive players.