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The Mercenary Kings Clan (MRCK) are recruiting for Xbox 360.

The Mercenary Kings are now recruiting.  We are looking for players that are wanting to compete and win and also have some fun with the Elite challenges and competitions as well.   We are also looking into becoming a professional team as well if we can recruit the right players.



- Call of Duty Elite member

- Xbox Live Gold Member

- K/D of 1.2 or better

- 17 or older

- Ability to obtain new map packs within a week of release.

- A desire to compete and win.



If you are interested in trying out, leave a reply to this post and we will try to get back to you ASAP.  It would probably be better to contact me, Duraggo, on Xbox Live, I will respond faster that way. 



The Mercenary Kings (MRCK)



Fin Dovah Jun

xTank Thompsonx


          *You will only be recruited if you can meet all requirements and have successfully completed 2 tryouts with current team members*

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    As usual I am looking for an active , competitive clan to join. I am older, 36 and from NY. I mainly play HC TDM as other games bore me. I would be will ing though to try others. I have a decent skill level and try to play smart.  Not looking for a clan with 100's of members or ones that are not active. No, i will not fill out an application online to join your clan. lol! As i said before, just looking for a good tight knit clan that members do not go around disrespecting everyone an acting like fools. Himt me up on xbox. My gt is AintNoHaFStepN. Appreciate it!

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    Just so Prospective recruits know, Our Clan has *ssholes and trolls in it.  We like to talk crap when we get competative and we definatly like pissing other people off. So if your not into it dont hit me up please.