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Dying Br33d Clan Recruting Skilled Active Gamers


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Dying Br33d is looking for new active members to add to the clan.

League Play: we have two teams one gold div and one plat div.

Clan Stats: Level five clan looking for more clan ops gamers, casual gamers, and League play gamers

Clan stats can be found on our website(will be posted at bottom of page)

About Dying Br33d: We started off as just friends that have been playing together for years and slowly decided we would start a clan. we have all sorts of game skills in the clan and as friends to join. We join in with a lot of games not just cod.

Number of members:4 members and 10 members waiting on acceptance(Play online together but waiting on elite accept)


Website: Dyingbr33d.webs.com

my psn is D9509

Any interest let me know I am on a lot and were all very active

Great group of guys and fun yet sucessfull clan


If you are an Xbox Gamer and want to start your own branch to the clan feel free to message me would enjoy being a multi platform clan.




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