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Fallen Godz (PS3) now Recuiting! Good benefits!


Fallen Godz (PS3) are now recuiting to rebuild the clan. Yes we make youtube videos but new members arent allowed to that yet. I will list the requirement and benefit below. Rules and how to apply will be listed last.




1.7+ K/D: If lower then you may have to reset your stats! But don't worry, We will TRAIN you! By the time we are done training you, you should have 1.5+ (We will train only from a 1.2 k/d to a 1.6 k/d. It will also depend on the current amount of kills that you have.)



Mircophone: This is used for communation for easier pub stomping but if you don't have one then have a HIGH K/D.



Loyalty: If we see you don't have loyalty then you will be kicked ASAP.


Around a 300 SPM. If you are close to the required SPM and have a high k/d, apply and we will look it over.


No Glitches used. We work for our stuff.




K/D will increase. After playing with us for a while you will catch all the tips and tricks that we have.

People to play with.

Youtube. (After a while)

Hidden Benefit. (You will have to join to figure this out)

Clan Tips and Tricks

Fun clan custom games. (tomahawk war, mike myers, quickscope lobby)




1) Listen to Clan leader

2) Be respectful towards others

3) Don't start trouble unless the other team does it first.

4) Clan Ops or challenges - At least once a week

5) Be active or tell the leader if you are going to be off for a while.



How to Apply:

Go to this link and request:



Message Heaven_Light or chris123boom on psn and ask to join.