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Mob Of The Dead Map Layout and Die Rise Map Layouts created

Hi guys,


just joined today but have been creating maps for call of duty zombies maps over last 2 map packs and thought I would share the secrets of Mob The Dead Map with you, it contains everything like how to get Hells Retriever Tomahawk, all airplane parts, trap, guns, powerups, perk and objective locations with full explanations and videos to accompany them.


The Die Rise maps where created a while back and looked pretty basic but I have used a piece of software to help me create the new format I am using for Mob Of The Dead layout and as you can see its a bit more exciting and colourful. The other Die Rise ones look like a kid has drawn them or something now I think about it


Anyway my blog is at:




and is called ZOMBIFIED. Hopefully you will find it of good use if you are having trouble finding parts or not sure how to get whak-a-punch via the plane in Mob OF The Dead etc. All is explained in th eblog and each post has a link to the next floor or level that you need in every post.


I am thinking of working on an HTML friendly map thats a web page and you can follow along on your Ipad, laptop or PC when playing by simply clicking on hotspots of the images I have created for each section. This means it will instantly jump to the next room for you and vice versa instead of searching my posts to find the right map your looking for.


Thanks guys and looking forward to the next map pack so I can create another zombie map. Zombie maps in COD RULE!