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uKoW is looking for some members. We play every day, Do clan operations on Elite, we have a competitive team if u want to do league play, mlg, clan battles, or if u just want to play for fun, we all love doing that too! Looking for dedicated, active members that want to have a good time owning everyone we play. We play all different game modes. We are not one of those 100+ member clans where no one knows each other. We have a good time and win........... A LOT. We communicate great in game and work strategically together! If ur sick of playing by urself with a bunch of randoms that dont know how to work together as a team and if ur looking to have a great time when u play, and want to win, check us out at www.ultimatekingsofwar.enjin.com U can fill out an application by clicking the Recruitment tab at the top of the website. If you have any questions u can send me a message on the site, or add me on PSN, my ID is iPwn365. Thanks for ur time, and for checking us out! Hope to hear from you soon! Happy Pwning!



- be 18+ to join, or prove to be very mature.

-have a KDR of 1.5 or higher

-Have some sort of headset to communicate