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Looking For A Mature Clan? PS3 & Xbox welcomed here, We are Come Correct Gaming is the 8th best BO2 Clan. New Site Running come take a look! All players are welcome from Australia, UK/EU, and USA!




Hello to all players,

My name is Cj aka ReallyWilly CcG and I am here with Come Correct Gaming or CcGx. We are a clan that has both PS3 and Xbox players, at this moment we have around 400+ members at this time. Our members range from USA, EU, and Australia, so we are a very diverse group of people.


Here at CcG we are a very laid back clan that likes to joke around laugh and have fun. We are also setting up interclan matches: The winners get bragging rights and Microsoft Points!


Even though we are a laid back clan when the time comes and we need to get playing we are the exact opposite, during a match we know: where each player is, what they are doing offense/defense, and even what guns are being used. Communication is always a big thing for us and thats how we win


Here at CcGx we play Every game, game type, and just everything: League play, Core, Hardcore, and everystyle: TDM, SaD, Domination, and all everything else.

We also play Gamebattles matches (you can register for this at Gamebattles.com)

We also play MLG matches.


                                                       What we ask for:

*Be a mature player

*If you do not have a mic you need to if you wish to play in matches and other events

*No age

*No K/D




At this time we do have more Xbox players than PS3 members, we are trying very hard to get more and more PS3 players in here. The think is even though we have got more PS3 in its been a hard road, so I wish if you as a gamer like our clan see everything is good ask your friends to come and have them ask their friends to come to. The more active you are in this clan by the post or bringing mature players we will be rewarded for it.


If you choose to join please add FairMaidan (she is the leader of they PS3 section)

And more are on the way


Want to join? I respond in 72hrs if longer than that I am out of town or sick

Our new site is: comecorrectgaming.com

My GT: ReallyWilly CcG (Xbox gamers)

Email: [Removed by Moderator] (PS3 gamers)

or message me on this site (good for Xbox/PS3)


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