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What up im Ta$k im 20 San Diego California is where I stay at. i am looking for a clan to join. I play alot of zombies on black ops 2 I have both map packs for black ops 2 also. And I play search or TDM. I haven't prestige in Mw3 only because I don't want to lose my guns but if its a requirement for your clan then I will prestige I play mw3 and bo2 on ps3 I mainly use a sniper, "MSR" working on my quick scoping skills. Mostly play 2v2 and 3v3 but im down to start playing other stuff. ima stoner/pothead I'm hella not annoying. im a serious gamer i play for fun i dont rage or rage quit. I play everyday I got a headset I actually talk and not one of thoses annoying 13year olds. Hit me up gamer tag is TaskMulla_


My Kd on Mw3 is a 1.19

And on Bo2 is a 1.78