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Small 360 clan BO2 For Dummies


Over 21 M and F welcome. We are a lightweight clan made level 50 on mw3 that way and will do it again on BO2 already level 36 . We enroll in all clan ops and challenges. For the ops and challenges we mostly play the hc mode on both ops and challenges. Looking for more casual laid back people to join. Not worried about stats we play for fun and while we do play for fun we do play the objective . No cheats or hacks and no free rides . Since we are a lightweight clan everyone's score counts and everyone contributes.

Clan name BO2 For Dummies.       Level 36

Clan tag.    BDum

As stated above no boosters. Also no clan hoppers. We want over 21 because our clan members are 20's through 40's so. Also please have the dlc map packs because when doing clan ops if you don't have them it would limit what maps we are able to play as a group. We are not kd, spm, or rank orientated . We play the objective usually in party chat so we can have fun without listening to the so common trash talk.

We are not for everyone but if this sounds like what your looking for feel free to apply.

When applying leave message otherwise it gets deleted.

U.S. based