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Clan Ops Tips & Tricks


I thought it would be cool if we all shared our thoughts on how to do good in clan operations. As this is the primary way to level up the clan, many leaders want the best for their clan. I personally have done clan ops since the beginning of MW3, so i thought i would create a guide to help those clans out there that struggle abit


-If you do not have many members and still want to get a gold badge, it will take a lot of work. Say if you have 4 people doing the clan op.. what you should do is split up in 2's. Why? because out of the 4 of you, there is going to be 1-2 players that do really good but the other 2 dont do as well as the others. Splitting up in pairs whenmy clan was growing was huge and got us gold a lot.


Pick Good Classes

clan ops is a competition. If you are looking to get high in the leaderboards in clan ops, you need the right classes. For me, i am a rush type player. These are some of the classes i have used many times in clan ops that have gotten me alot of points. For example, in Kill Confirmed, i managed to get 836 tags with one of these classes.




-MP7 -Laser Sight. Lightweight, Fast Hands & Toughness, Dexterity, a Grenade, & Tactical Insertion. (I can't stress enough about Tac,  i tested the difference between tac and no tac, 150 tag difference.
-MP7- Laser Sight. Lightweight & Hardline, Toughness, Tactical Mask, Dexterity, and a Grenade



FAL w Quickdraw & Reflex. Ligghtweight & Hardline, Toughness & Dexterity. Grenade & a EMP.

These are just SOME of the classes i use to get the job done.



Dont use high killstreaks. You want to help out the players on your team. I personally recommend UAV, Counter UAV, & Orbital. Or, UAV & just Counter UAV. Using high killstreaks can cause the enemy to leave and players may not rejoin.


Create Strategies. Such as Which Maps to play on and assigning roles to your members.


If anyone has anything else to add please do Just thought its hard enough to play the full 3 hours so why not make it worth it...