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XBOX - Team React Recruiting EU/UK


We are currently recruiting members to join Team React.


At the moment we are currently recruiting 2 GB players for the Uk/EU team as this is the first team we are creating, We are currently looking for a player who can play anchor and knows all the spots ,and who can rotate quickly and not be thrown off easy.


If your not looking to join the GB team, We are also recruiting other members, who can play with others in pubs as well as playing in clan ops, To level up the clan on Call Of Duty Elite, as Our main goal is to become a organized Casual/Competitive gaming organisation.


What we are looking for in players


  • Players that will be able to learn out call outs fast
  • Be able to play league play/competitive gamemodes.
  • We also are looking for players that are skilled with many guns
  • Also looking for players that are of the age 15+, and are mature


The rules you must follow

  • Must Be Drama Free
  • No Boosting
  • No Cheating In Games
  • No Trash Talking In Lobbies
  • Respect The Chain Of Command




If you interested you can visit our current site in use, - http://www.khaotixgaming.com

This is temporary  site to everything is sorted

You will have to apply but just say in the application, that you are applying for Team React



You can message us on xbox


GT: Avenqer77

GT: Fierce WHiSK3Y