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Hacked - no more online for me..... Thanks TaakaOG for hacking my account.


I joined a game of Express. I ran in and got the first kill of the match and was awarded 1x1203912357 points. I thought it was odd but didnt really thing much off it and continued playing. Immediately after, I start getting messages from a TaakaOG telling me to back out. And not to worry that my XP will stick. I thought it was odd so I backed out and now I have Negative 99978895 points and level 1 again. it wont let me join any public matches or anything. Im just simply stuck. So I did some research. TreyArch basically says tough stuff, your smoked. Others say you have to hack it to "unhack" it. That is not something I think I would be capable of myself. Any help would be appreciated. Also, If anyone knows how to get rid of TaakaOG and get him banned I think the other players would appreciate not being put in the same possition That i am in.